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Welcome To Gregs And Lauras Animaniacs Web Site .

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Hello And Welcome to the New Animaniacs Web site more Advanced and easyer to use than the old one with lots more Possabilitys than the old obsolete one that existed on Acmecity.

Hopefully you Will Find My new site Easyer to navagate than the older one .

This New one is Easyer to Change and Edit than the old one so the will be more updates than Before !!!

Also i have Newer and more advanced Software for Updateing and Changeing the Website  now makeing it Easyer for me to update and to make changes .

I found it harder Last time on my old server to update and to keep up to date updates on the latest Events in the World of Animaniacs But now those problems are over It took some time but now it has finnaly Payed off .

Also Get all the Latest News and Views at My Animaniacs Club ! Totally free to all Animaniacs fans to Use .

So Enjoy the new layout that i have made and the many adjustments i have made and that i am makeing my goal .................... to make the best Animaniacs Website in the World .

This Website has been tested on :



Neoplanet .


So it is 100% compatable so enjoy !

Any Comments Please Email me at :

Thank You .

Enjoy Youre stay .


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